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Laundry Wash and Fold Pick-Up & Delivery Service in Sterling Heights, MI

Our family has been in business in Sterling Heights since I was a boy. I started out at Kline Medical Supply when I was 14 years old, cleaning toilets and moving boxes of diapers and formula. We worked with many businesses in Sterling Heights and all over the city. When I was in high school, my dad started Commercial Laundry Solutions. He started building laundromats for himself and others, and that is how I got into the laundry business. My dad still operates both those businesses at 18 1/2 and Mound Rd.  I have many fond memories of scrubbing those toilets.

My dad always taught me that the most important part of selling is to listen to your customer. That is how we operate our laundry service.



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**$40 Minimum Order

Laundry pick up and delivery service will save you loads of time.

Detroit Laundry Service offers a variety of pickup and delivery laundry services in Grosse Point, MI and the surrounding areas. These pickup and delivery laundry services include wash & fold laundry  and commercial laundry. Our laundromat services the following Grosse Point zip codes: 48215, 48224, 48230, 48236 and more! Our wash and fold laundry service provides excellent laundry service when and where you need it.