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What Our Customers Are Saying

Excellent company that delivers and picks up our laundry every week. We've been with them since the school year started and they have been wonderful and very accommodating. If you don't have the time and are in need of a quality laundry service, the Detroit Laundry Service is the company you should get in touch with.

Detroit laundry service, in my opinion is the best full service laundry in the area. Working in hospitality clean linens are a must. Everything comes back to us bright white, folded to perfection and delivered on time. Communication with management is top notch, I never once had a question that could not be quickly answered or a problem that was couldn’t be solved within an appropriate amount of time. For all my business and personal needs Detroit Laundry is my go to service.

Love having this place in my neighborhood. Love Lisa

Love love love this laundry center. It's clean and it's in a shopping plaza with other places that I patronize from time to time. I travel a ton and they've been laundering my clothes for years with care. I never have anyone else's clothes, nor are my clothes ever missing or damaged. Same-day service is also available! Professional, affordable wash & fold service ;-)

Since we moved to Detroit about 6 months ago, we've been going to Lafayette Laundry do wash our clothing. With two adults and 3 kids, we potentially generate a lot of dirty stuff, but Lafayette gets us clean and dry quickly!

With big machines, big dryers I can get the clothing washing fast. But thats not all.

The joint is Clean, super duper friendly, and has a nice space for me and my kids to chill and eat a snack while stuff is cleaning.

I totally dig this place.

I'm working in Detroit currently. Originally from Texas. Lemme tell your this place is the real deal. Me and my travel bud drop our laundry off and is always ready the next day. $1.80 /lb. great price. Always neatly folded and smelling great.

Clean clean clean clean and even cleaner than that. Assistants were helpful and prices were reasonable. I travel from the west side to this laundromat because its the cleanest one in Detroit.