Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Place an order online or by calling us at 313-375-5355. We will come get your laundry, bring it back, weigh it, and charge your card. We do the laundry according to your preferences, then drop it off the next day. Simple as that.
How much does pickup and delivery cost?
$2.40/lb. If you place an order for recurring pickup, every week or every other week, we give you 10% off, which is $2.16/lb. We have a minimum order of $40.
Do I need to be home to use this service?
You do not need to be home. We just need access to where the laundry is and we'll take it from there.
Can I make a special request on how I want my laundry done?
Yes. There is a section when you place your order where you can let us know if you have any special instructions.
When I schedule an order, how will I be billed?
Like other online services, we ask for your credit card when you place your order. Your card won't be charged until your laundry is weighed at our facility.